Can your NFTs get hacked?

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To get NFTs on Ethereum, you need a wallet, and if you have Metamask already, how secure is your 12-word seed phrase?

Do not email anyone about your Metamask. Metamask should never have your email address. Any emails from Metamask are from scammers.

Most hacked wallets are user-caused by connecting to unsafe/phishing sites or exposing the Secret Key.

Also, storing your crypto on centralized exchanges poses a greater risk of lost funds or delayed withdrawals. ie..MtGox, etc… Read More:

I fully believe in a hardware wallet using a 24-word key like a Ledger or Trezor instead of a Metamask 12-word key.

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Ensure that your wallet Secret Key, known as the seed word phrase, has only been written down.

Not insecurely typed into your phone notes or notepad or have a saved picture of it anywhere.

No Screenshots! Hackers can get into your computer and phone files.

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Suppose you do have the words insecurely saved. It would be best to consider that your wallet is compromised and move assets to a new wallet that has only had the seed phrase written down and secured.

Security starts with your Private Key. No person shall ever see your 24-word secret seed phrase or know the location of it, ever. No exchange, no helpers, cleaners, friends, and family. NOBODY.

Your Private Key of 24 words will only be shown once. You write it down and secure it, lock it away. You only need to access these words if your hardware wallet has been reset or lost.


What about exchanges?

Exchanges are constantly under attack and hacked, causing millions in lost funds with no recourse to the victims. The idea of cryptocurrency is to control your assets and be responsible. You can assume large exchanges are secure, but even large centralized entities are vulnerable to hacking crypto and your personal information. Also, we see that Canada has demanded crypto exchanges freeze the accounts of users that donated to the Truckers for Freedom movement. That means at any time; your account can be frozen and controlled.


Make sure you have your secret keys fully secure; think back if there was ever a time when they were compromised. If so, make new secure wallets and move things over. Ensure you do not have all your assets in an exchange with no liability if the site is hacked.

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