Take your ERC-20 tokens and NFTs off exchanges. Here's why.

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3 min readFeb 12, 2022


If you haven't heard, the soon-to-be-launched Pulsechain hard fork of Ethereum will be a complete system state copy of Ethereum. Pulsechain is the world's largest airdrop in the new generation of cryptocurrency.


Why is Pulsechain better?

The difference between Pulsechain and Ethereum is that Pulsechain is a Proof of Stake system that uses validators instead of miners to confirm transactions on the Network, which is much more environmentally friendly and significantly lower in cost to use.

How do I get my airdrop?

Pulsechain will copy a "Snapshot" of the Ethereum blockchain with all history, transactions, and tokens to the new Pulsechain ledger. From there, the 2-Chainz (lol) will go on their separate paths.

So, all the ERC-20 and NFT tokens in your non-custodial wallet will be in the same wallet on the Pulsechain. These new copies will be in your Pulsechain wallet called PRC-20 and PRC-721, PRC-1155 tokens.

The terminology used to differentiate your coins will be, for example, using SHIB, eSHIB and pSHIB.

Users control Non-custodial wallets, and custodial wallets are on Centralized exchanges. Therefore if you have tokens on any centralized exchanges at the time of the "Snapshot," you will not be able to access the airdropped copies.


When does the fork happen?

The date is still TBA, and we are all patiently waiting. The Pulsechain Testnet has been up for all to use, and Version 2.5 is testing.

After the Pulsechain launch, you will need to switch the Network in your MetaMask. All your keys and access will remain the same as they are on Ethereum.

You don't need to do anything else, but make sure all your assets are in YOUR wallet. Not to mention governments and exchanges have the power to freeze your assets with no accountability or reason.

What about everyone else?

Suppose you are holders of BTC, ETH, DOGE, ALGO, etc. It may be an excellent time to sell off into an ERC-20 with massive potential. Once the fork happens, you can sell your ERC versions back to your original positions.

Now you can take advantage of the value of the PRC-20 you just received for free.

It would be wise to hedge against the legacy technology attacked by government mining mandates for environmental purposes.

So, all signs in the Pulsechain market lead to HEX being the MVP since the only negative about HEX as an ERC-20 are Ethereum's costly gas fees.

Pulsechain solves mining, cost, and speed with no loss to existing projects switching over their systems for environmental and social responsibilities.

For a more in-depth explanation of the snapshot, visit https://www.howtopulse.com/when-is-pulsechain-snapshot-fork-taken-place/.

New 2 Crypto? visit https://docs.hex2learn.com/

Written by: @hostshawn via wnotn.com for entertainment purposes.



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