Are you shutting your ASIC miners off for BTC? You have a new opportunity.

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3 min readNov 13, 2022


I want to start by saying if you are a retail investor. It would be best if you immediately exited any centralized exchange and learn about self-custody.

Imagine mining 50 BTC from your desktop computer every day. Early Bitcoin miners, like Richard Heart, were rewarded that.

These days the difficulty of mining Bitcoin has increased to the point where the profitability of mining bitcoin is so low that many miners are shutting off their machines.

Bitcoin (BTC) Miners Sell Most in 5 Years
Bitcoin (BTC) Miners Sell Most in 5 Years

“Being an early bird gets the worm, which has been the foundation of maximizing profit from any investment.” -Pepe

The opportunity for proof of stake mining came with the launch of PulseBitcoin. The audited project has allowed holders of the ASIC (Application Specific Internet Coin) token to stake those coins and yield PulseBitcoin.

Learn how to mine PulseBitcoin here:

The PulseBitcoin No Shenanigans Policy

  • Fair launch (absolutely no special supply allocation). Supply begins at zero and only becomes available 30 days after launch if participants start mining on day 1.
  • 100% Transparent — Open Source Smart Contract(s)
  • Code Security Audit — Certik
  • Known supply parameters (Maximum Supply: 21M Coins)
  • No Unfair Distribution (ALL PulseBitcoin must be mined fairly defined by the Smart Contract)
  • No "Sacrifice Phase" or ICO
  • No Private or External Funding Received, NONE!
  • No Admin Keys, No Admin Functions, No Admin anything
  • No Inflation Outside of Defined Mining Rate Parameters
  • No Purchase Tax
  • No, Sell Tax
  • No Reflection Fees
  • No Referral Program
  • No Hidden Penalties
  • No Paid Promotors or Marketing, NONE!

Bitcoin is old

Bitcoin suffers from critical problems that prevent its continued adoption. To name a few: it's slow, expensive to use, requires special equipment to mine it effectively, it's not environmentally sustainable, it has had numerous inflation vulnerabilities, it is NOT compatible with existing DeFi without the use of intermediaries, it does not scale as well as the Ethereum network(s), and the list goes on and on…

The world deserves a better Bitcoin, and the solution has finally been created: PulseBitcoin.

PulseBitcoin offers Cheaper Transactions, Faster Transactions, Inclusive Mining, a Scarce Supply, Native Compatibility with existing DeFi, more Security, high Scalability, and, most importantly, is Energy Efficient and Eco-friendly!

To improve the world, we must amend the current "Bitcoin" and improve it in every way that MATTERS!

PulseBitcoin is not a copy; it is a much-needed innovation!

The end of centralized exchanges is near.

With fear on the rise for custodial wallets at an all-time high after the collapse of FTX and the case for DeFi has never been stronger. Crypto users are learning the importance of self custody which will drive them to enter into decentralized projects, such as and

These projects create yield for the users with no counterparty risk. Retail and institutional investors have lost millions due to centralized entities such as; FTX, BlockFi, Celsius and Voyager.

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The future of cryptocurrency lies within DeFi and environmentally friendly crypto projects. With the creation of safe, secure, and efficient PulseBitcoin. Miners can continue their yield by selling low-efficient miners, acquiring ASIC tokens and generating PulseBitcoin. This opportunity also increases fair yield for retail investors that can't afford to buy expensive machines, waste electricity at rising prices, and run loud miners in their homes.

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