The World’s Largest Black Diamond Sold for $4.3 Million. Who bought it?

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The Enigma’, now renamed the Diamond, is the world's largest cut black diamond won in a $4.3 million bid in an auction held in London on Wednesday. The diamond is 555.55 carats.

It is believed that the rare black diamond was formed when a meteorite or an asteroid hit Earth more than a billion years ago.

Who Bought The Diamond?

Richard Heart is the billionaire, philanthropist, founder of the HEX cryptocurrency, and new owner of the Diamond. It was bought for the cultural heritage of the Hexican (the name HEX holders call themselves) community,

The 555.55 carats, 55-faced diamond reached $4.3 million, excluding the buyer’s premium, at an online sale held by London’s renowned Sotheby’s auction house. “A match made in heaven”, said Richard Heart.

The 5555 number is recognized in the Hexican community related to the maximum number of days, about 15 years, a user can Stake the HEX coin on the blockchain, which would yield an average of 38% APY.

Richard Heart publicly announced the winning bid on twitter:

The Hexican community are now the owners of the Largest Cut Black Diamond in the world.

One of the most difficult substances to cut, the diamond had never previously been shown by its unnamed owner of the past 20 years.

Experts took three years to turn the rough diamond into a 55-face jewel and it recently went on show in Dubai, Los Angeles and London.

“The Enigma’s price did not quite reach intergalactic levels. But what cannot be denied is that the Enigma is a diamond with unparalleled bragging rights,” said Tobias Kormind, managing director of Europe’s largest online jeweller, the Mayfair.

“The size, shape and source of the Enigma diamond make it groundbreaking and amazing,” he added. “Most diamonds are cut into one of 10 popular shapes but the Enigma’s form resembles a hand.”

The diamond is not a gem-quality diamond, and carbonados are not normally used in jewellery or sold at auction but have grown in popularity recently.

They are normally used in industrial drilling due to their extraordinary hardness.

Sotheby’s called the diamond a “cosmic wonder” ahead of the sale, which also accepted crypto-currency, and how the diamond was bought by Richard Heart.

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