The PulseDogecoin Staking Carnival: A New Opportunity for Stakers

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3 min readApr 28, 2023


The cryptocurrency market constantly evolves, offering new and innovative ways for crypto enthusiasts to diversify their investments and generate passive income. One such development is the PulseDogecoin Staking Carnival, a smart contract-based event offering a unique staking opportunity for PulseDogecoin (PLSD) token holders. This article delves into the details of the PLSD Staking Carnival and examines the EtherAuthority audit report to evaluate the event’s security and trustworthiness.

Overview of the PulseDogecoin Staking Carnival

The PulseDogecoin Staking Carnival is designed to reward PLSD token holders with attractive incentives for staking their tokens. The carnival is powered by a smart contract, enabling users to stake their tokens decentralized and securely. The event aims to create a fun and engaging atmosphere for the community while offering lucrative staking rewards.

Stake your PulseDogecoin along with the whole community for 90 day periods, and earn yield in the form of PulseDogecoin, PulseBitcoin, ASIC and HEX!

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Follow the Dev of the project on Twitter: @PLSBLockwin

Smart Contract Audit by EtherAuthority

To ensure the safety and security of the staking carnival, the smart contract behind it underwent a thorough audit by EtherAuthority, a leading smart contract auditing firm. EtherAuthority is known for its rigorous auditing process and dedication to identifying potential vulnerabilities in smart contracts.

The audit report analyzed various aspects of the PulseDogecoin Staking Carnival smart contract, including:

  1. Smart contract functionality: The audit report confirmed that the smart contract is free from logical issues, which guarantees its correct and intended functionality.
  2. Security: The audit ensured the smart contract is secure against potential threats, such as reentrancy attacks, integer overflow/underflow, and timestamp dependency vulnerabilities.
  3. Gas optimization: The audit found that the smart contract is optimized for gas usage, ensuring that stakers can participate in the carnival without incurring excessive transaction fees.
  4. Code quality: The audit report noted that the smart contract is well-documented, easily readable, and adheres to best practices in terms of coding quality.
  5. Tokenomics: The audit verified the tokenomics for the staking rewards, ensuring a fair distribution to participants.

The EtherAuthority audit report concluded that the PulseDogecoin Staking Carnival smart contract is secure and free from critical vulnerabilities. This provides a strong foundation for the event and offers peace of mind for potential participants.

Benefits of Participating in the PulseDogecoin Staking Carnival

By participating in the PulseDogecoin Staking Carnival, PLSD token holders can enjoy several benefits:

  1. Attractive staking rewards: The event offers a unique opportunity for PLSD token holders to generate passive income through staking.
  2. Community engagement: The carnival fosters a sense of camaraderie within the PLSD community, creating a fun and engaging atmosphere.
  3. Enhanced token value: As more users stake their tokens, the circulating supply decreases, which can increase PLSD tokens' value.
  4. Trust and security: With a comprehensive smart contract audit by EtherAuthority, participants can rest assured that the staking process is secure and reliable.
  5. Another attraction of the carnival is the FREE carn token given to holders of PulseBitcoin Lock NFTs.


The PulseDogecoin Staking Carnival presents an exciting opportunity for PLSD token holders to generate passive income while engaging with the community. The thorough, smart contract audit by EtherAuthority has demonstrated the event’s security and reliability, making it an attractive choice for crypto enthusiasts. Don’t miss out on the chance to participate in this unique staking event and reap the rewards the PulseDogecoin Staking Carnival offers.

The first staking instance entry deadline is April 28th 01:00 EST. The next opportunity will be 90 days after the first instance.

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