'The Highest of Stakes' documentary, virality, and a new real wager.

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2 min readFeb 17, 2022

"The Highest of Stakes" (THoS) by Muse Storytelling.
A 4-Time Emmy Winning creative team is shadowing the founder of HEX.com, Richard Heart, for their project.

About Muse Storytelling

Watch the trailer:

The creative process is in filming and post-production.

Official Premiere & Distribution: Q3 2022 — Q4 2022

  • Official Movie Premiere (Location TBD)
  • The goal of a Top 5 OTT (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu)
  • Media Plan with a PR Team & Launch Strategy

A lot is happening in the HEX ecosystem of Richard Heart projects like
the fork of Ethereum, Pulsechain and Uniswap exchange fork PulseX, nearing their launch.


The founder of Overwatch Partners, Rackham Rishel, has put up a
$1M Bitcoin/Ethereum bet to anyone that thinks the Pulsechain project will be a "Rugpull."

God Whale Moves

Another development is a massive $194 Million, or 1 Billion HEX, has been staked for 5555 days by the GodWhale of HEX.

With the nonstop suppression and gatekeeping of the HEX token, the HEX community has strengthened and made headlines more than ever.


The HEX NASCAR is live and qualifying at the 2022 Daytona 500.

Rackham Rishel has offered a 1 Million dollar bonus to driver J.J. Yeley if he places in the top 3 of the Daytona 500.

J.J. Yeley

by: @hostshawn via wnotn.com



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