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The foundation of Cryptocurrency starts with the self-custody of your assets, such as using a hardware wallet. Hardware Wallets Offer the Highest Level of Security

The Bitcoin white paper’s first sentence:

A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution.

Centralized exchanges and fiat on-ramps are financial institutions. As time has progressed, users require centralized exchanges for safe and secure fiat on and off-ramp. So, most users are learning they need a secure wallet to withdraw to, now more than ever.

💥 The Collapse of Centralization

There is a mass exodus of people leaving centralized exchanges. The most recent collapse of FTX, paired with Celsius, and BlockFi, will devastate millions of people.

Users of centralized crypto exchanges realize they need to move assets to self-custody as soon as possible. Institutional funds have also been hit and caused them to exit or learn about self-custody and DeFi.

The FTX debacle has exposed the conspiracy of supposed “auditors,” politicians, and regulators, meaning this rabbit hole runs deep.

Can your NFTs get hacked? Learn how to protect yourself.

🔐True DeFi Assets

These days the traditional DeFi is Bitcoin but to an extent. For the average user, it’s a simple system to buy and hold coins on a hardware wallet. However, with mining, the average holder gets diluted, and the miners create constant sell pressure to pay for rising energy costs and equipment upgrades. This once-great invention has turned into an inefficient and non-programmable concept.

Kodak failed to adapt to digital, Bitcoin miners are being hit with the same innovator's dilemma. Many have sold their machines, and shut down their facilities for lack of profit and sustainability. Some have even adopted proof of stake yield generation like HEX and PulseBitcoin.

Are you shutting your ASIC miners off for BTC? You have a new opportunity.

The Faster, More Secure, Non-Polluting, Energy Efficient, Highly Scalable, DeFi Compatible; Bitcoin! This project allows users to earn yield in PulseBitcoin, using Proof of Stake.

PulseBitcoin can be mined into existence, just like Bitcoin, except instead of using expensive mining hardware known as Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) and electricity, PulseBitcoin exclusively uses Software (ASIC Tokens — Application Specific Internet Coin) and Time. No hardware is required!

To mine, lock one or more ASIC Token(s) for 30-day intervals and get Rewarded in PulseBitcoin (PLSB).

“Mine Time, Not Pollution!

The release of PulseBitcoin was on October 20, 2022. This project provides equal opportunity for all to enter at the beginning of a genuinely decentralized project, such as PulseBitcoin.

Most people think back and wish they had started mining Bitcoin in 2011 when the rewards were so high. These days it’s too late for an average person to get into mining.

Read the PulseBitcoin whitepaper.

🏛 Where will people go if not exchanges?

With the Ethereum network, users have security with programmable usability on a much better-designed blockchain. The smart contract ability of the Ethereum blockchain allows better use of the trustless ledger technology compared to Bitcoin. The most secure way to trade, swap, and buy cryptocurrencies is and using Metamask and a hardware wallet.


Many people are devastated by these fake DeFi-related events (FTX, CRO, etc.). It is always a good reminder to be in charge of your finances and never trust intermediaries like exchanges. PulseDogecoin and PulseBitcoin are good examples of real DeFi.

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