The best crypto yield is decentralized. Change my mind.

One of the most seriously forgotten aspects to many Bitcoin and Ethereum holders is that mining creates inflation. If you hold your crypto, it loses value due to circulating supply increases.

The Dollar Hedge

Recently, people have looked at crypto as a hedge against inflation with the dollar. The dollar has inflated significantly due to money printers going "BRRRRRR" and the gov printing more than ever.

With the creation of crypto yield farming offering users high APY for staking their crypto, there is a new opportunity for people to gain value for just holding their bags.

The most successful crypto users are long-time hodlers.

So it's a no-brainer to lock up your funds and gain yield for doing so. It's like creating a no overhead business!

Staking Offers

Some of the biggest players like, pay only 5% APY. That's not a lot of return to give up all the rights to your assets, with no insurance from hacks and attacks. (Centralized staking =

The majority of staking protocols lure users with high yields to lock up their funds for an APY by taking control of their crypto.

Staking platforms trusted by millions of people and have been around for a long time now are still prone to hacking or cyber security threats.

The most secure way to hold your crypto is with total control of your keys. Staking on a centralized exchange is an unnecessary risk, and decentralized blockchain staking protocols are the best for long-term investment.

Decentralized staking

The only actual decentralized staking protocol is with Only the user controls their stakes with 0 risks of hacks and counterparty failures. Getting APY plus appreciation is a gift to humans called compound interest.

The HEX protocol provides immutable code embedded into its staking contract. Only the wallet attached to the stake has power over the contract. Therefore, no third party can hack, change, or move the assets.

The HEX token is the first blockchain Certificate of Deposit in existence. With the founder Richard Heart teaching retail investors not to trade, centralized exchanges are against his ideology attempt deter users from the HEX project. (Is Coin Market Cap manipulated?)

There is collusion and suppression from the most prominent market cap information sites owned by centralized exchanges to gatekeep the HEX token.

Staking the HEX token now also provides a huge opportunity to double your investment once the Pulsechain launch copies all Ethereum tokens over from ERC20 to PRC-20.

Take your ERC-20 and NFTs off exchanges. Here's why.

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Being a long-term crypto holder has been a game-winning method for a successful cryptocurrency investor. Opportunity to get yield excels the gains and awards users to achieve their financial goals faster.

The HEX token has 100% uptime with no counterparty risks, and all other yield farming systems create serious weak points for total value loss from hacks or inside corruption.

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