PulseChain Launch Makes History As Most Active Blockchain From Its Debut

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3 min readMay 16, 2023


The blockchain space has just witnessed an unparalleled event in the launch of PulseChain, the much-anticipated project by crypto mogul Richard Heart.

The Pulsechain network has made its mark in the history books by becoming the most active blockchain from its launch, a testament to the enthusiasm, adoption, and utility this new blockchain has already garnered.

PulseChain, designed as a fork of Ethereum, has been touted as the next big thing in the crypto space for a couple of years. But the network’s launch went beyond just fulfilling these expectations; it set a new high bar. The activity level, including transactions and smart contract interactions, has outpaced other leading blockchains right from the get-go. The blistering pace of activity confirms the high anticipation levels and robust community backing the project has cultivated even before its official launch.

In 2 days of going live!

PulseRamp — Bridge

A key release behind this initial success is the launch of the Pulseramp Ethereum/PulseChain Bridge, now officially open for business. This bridge is a key infrastructural component of the PulseChain ecosystem, facilitating seamless interactions between Ethereum and PulseChain. With the bridge now operational, price discovery and liquidity allocation for PulseChain’s native token, PLS, have been initiated, paving the way for the next phase of its development.


Users Beware!

However, as with any new development in the blockchain space, particularly one as significant as PulseChain, users must exercise caution.

Users must ensure theyhave the correct contract addresses for tokens bridged in from Ethereum. Due to the nature of blockchain transactions, any errors made during this process could result in permanent loss of funds. This warning isn’t meant to deter but to ensure that participants are fully aware of the necessary precautions.


Be Vigilant

To navigate safely, users must double-check and verify contract addresses from multiple reliable sources. They should also be wary of suspicious activities or unverified sources claiming to provide contract addresses or instructions.


This historical launch is a remarkable achievement, and much of the credit goes to Richard Heart, the innovative mind behind PulseChain. Heart is a renowned figure in the crypto space, famously known for founding HEX, the world’s first high-interest blockchain certificate of deposit. With PulseChain, Heart has again demonstrated his knack for spotting and addressing crucial gaps in the crypto market.

On behalf of the entire crypto community, we congratulate Richard Heart and his team for this successful creation. PulseChain is a testament to Heart’s vision and his team’s tireless efforts.

As we celebrate this launch, we look forward to witnessing the continued growth and success of PulseChain. The launch is just the beginning. Given the promising start, it’s clear that PulseChain is poised to bring substantial innovation and transformation to the blockchain ecosystem.

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