Mintra a fork of the Rarible NFT marketplace launching on Pulsechain

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2 min readFeb 20, 2022


The largest NFT marketplace for buying and selling NFT’s is Open Sea.
If you haven’t heard of an NFT, they are unique, collectible digital things like in-game assets, avatars, trading cards, JPEGs and art.

OpenSea has significantly strained the congestion of the Ethereum network. With the soon-to-be-launched Pulsechain fork of Ethereum, the opportunity for a new and efficient platform has been created. Currently, Mintra is live on the Pulsechain Testnet.

Mintra users can use PLS tokens to purchase, mint, and trade. Similar to other platforms built on Ethereum using ETH.

The Mintra team has created a sacrifice phase to allow anyone to participate in the launch and receive 100 points or MINT tokens for every $1 sacrificed.

The MINT token will be deflationary like PulseX, and MINT will release the tokens max circulating supply of tokens on the first day.

To participate in the sacrifice, go to

The Mintra project will charge a 2.25% fee compared to Opensea and Rarible 2.5% fee, providing those who stake the MINT token to receive yield paid out in PLS.

To learn more about the Mintra project, join the Mintra Telegram.

Follow the team leads of Mintra, Gerardo and Rodgers.

The featured NFT artist will be Stake’n Apes, The Staker Class, The Pulsicans, and Pulsedoge.

Watch the video from Gerardo here:

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